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Create 100% organics products to enhance and support overall health.Promote the simplicity and healing power of natural and holistic health practicesInspire a lifestyle centered on well-being and cultivating healthy habits.


#showyourswish boomerang oil pulling

Hi, I’m Suzi, founder of Masigi.

That’s a boomerang of me right there swishing our pulling oil – no filter or fancy editing, just a simple boomerang I made on my phone. I had so much fun and got so silly making it.

I’d love to see a boomerang of you swishing!  
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Long before we joined forces as business partners, we were simply three friends supporting each other in the quest to lead our healthiest lives.

From cheering each other on through cleanses and workouts, to cultivating healthy habits, to ditching the products laced with harsh chemicals and replacing them with healthier alternatives, we stumbled upon one item that we could integrate into nearly every facet of our healthy lifestyles and also lived up to all its great health claims.
The item? Virgin coconut oil, or as we like to call it "nature’s wonder oil".
To say we were obsessed was an understatement. We used it for cooking, as a skin moisturizer, we even made our own toothpaste. But one of our favorite ways to use this "new-to-us" product was through the very old method of oil pulling.
However, despite experiencing all the great benefits of oil pulling, we also encountered some inconveniences, which made it clear to us that this ancient practice needed a modern-times upgrade. Sure, it’s easier than before (it’s not like we have to press the oil out of the coconuts ourselves, thank goodness), but simply taking a spoonful from a jar isn’t always that simple.
We found that sometimes it’s hard to find the time to fit in all of our morning routines, every single day. This meant that some days the best option for fitting in oil pulling was during the commute to workout or while answering emails at the beginning of our workday.
Except for the problem with that is that it’s a tad impractical to carry around a big jar of coconut oil and a spoon all the time. Not to mention, having a greasy spoon hanging around in your bag, on your desk, or in your car can get a little . . . icky.
And that’s when Masigi was born.
After juggling jars and dirty spoons we thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have just enough oil for one use, so we could easily pull whenever and wherever we wanted and then be done?”
Our "grab-and-go", single-use oil pulling packets are perfect for keeping in your everyday bag or packing for a weekend getaway. No mess, no cumbersome jar or fishing for your spoon: just a simple packet is what you need to make oil pulling a part of your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle.




Masigi means more goodness. Organic Ayurvedic Oil Pulling in Single Serve Packets.

MASIGI (pronounced mas-i- gee, rhymes with ziggy) is a combination of two Filipino (Tagalog) words:
MAS which means “more” and IGI which means “goodness, wellness, harmony, excellence.”
Together, Masigi means more goodness, more wellness, or more harmony - all things we know you’ll experience with a daily oil pulling practice using Masigi Pulling Oils.


We'd like to take a moment to thank all our customers for their business and to acknowledge all the support from our friends and family along the way. We are beyond grateful to both our customers and support system. Thank you!
We are honored to be friends with the talented Brooke Procida and so proud to sponsor her documentary Limelight Journey.  She recently recovered from long term, chronic Lyme Disease and was inspired to take a road trip back to her life before she became sick, meeting healers and others like her who have overcome unidentifiable illnesses. As she says, "Their stories of struggle, confusion and hope and triumph will inspire and astound you ... and might even change your life."
We donate a portion of our proceeds to our local POP (Plastic Ocean Project) chapterBecause we care deeply about the ocean and its future.



Thank you! We couldn't be here without you!