Masigi Pulling Oil mouthwash was made with you
in mind.  We know you want to cultivate a healthy,
balanced lifestyle,  but we also know balance
is tougher to achieve on some days more than others.

And when you’re busy, we know healthy habits
can be the first thing to go in favor of convenience.
That’s one of the reasons we created Masigi Pulling Oil, convenience.

We wanted everyone to experience the amazing
benefits of oil pulling, but we knew it needed to
be easy, clean, and accessible so you can pull
whenever and wherever it’s best
for you.

 Benefits of Oil Pulling brightens teeth clears sinuses healthy gums freshens breath strengthens jaw Masigi organic pulling oil


Although it may seem like the new popular thing to do for your health, oil pulling is actually an ancient Ayurvedic medicinal practice that has been used by many people for thousands of years. 

The practice of oil pulling is typically done by using an oil to swish around the mouth and pull through the teeth and gums for a short time each day and then spit out.

This technique is used as a holistic preventative measure and remedy for a variety of health issues, but this simple daily action is most commonly touted as a way to remove bacteria from the mouth and promote strong oral health.