When we say it’s our birthday, we don’t mean our first, second, or fifth. Today is the day Masigihas officially come to life!

After months upon months of developing our product, getting all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, and gearing up to put our pulling oils out in to the world, we’re finally ready for you to see the magic Masigi has to offer in supporting your healthy lifestyle.

We bet you’re wondering what Masigi is all about, so let’s give you the rundown:


Plain and simple, Masigi pulling oils are a natural and clean way to enhance your oral and overall health.

To dig a little deeper, our pulling oils are made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, organic essential oils, and absolutely nothing else, so there’s no worries about toxic gunk and other nasties like preservatives and additives making their way in to your system.

And clean doesn’t just apply to our ingredients. Our pulling oils also come in single-serve packets so you never have to worry about sticky spoons and clunky jars taking over and making a mess.


Before ever becoming business partners, we were simply friends supporting each other as we navigated the path to healthier lifestyles.

We supported each other through cleanses and workouts, and started cultivating new habits, one of which was ditching the products laced with harsh chemicals and replacing them with healthier alternatives. As we were making this change we stumbled upon one item that we could integrate in to nearly every facet of our healthy lifestyles.

Big bonus? It also lived up to all its great health claims.

You can probably guess by now that the item was coconut oil, and it didn’t take much time for us to begin using it for just about everything: cooking, skin moisturizing, we even made our own toothpaste out of it. But one of the top ways we loved to use our new favorite product was the Ayurvedic method of oil pulling.

Although the practice of oil pulling is relatively simple, carrying around a spoon and jar of coconut oil isn’t practical in today’s society with busier, on-the-go lifestyles.

And that’s why we created Masigi.

At the end of the day, week, year, it’s your health that will allow you to make the most of your life. We’ve all heard the saying, “health is wealth,” and we believe it wholeheartedly.

However, now more than ever, we need easier ways to incorporate healthy practices in to our busier lifestyles.

That’s why we created Masigi; we wanted to make the practice of oil pulling easier, cleaner, and more accessible, so you can practice the extremely beneficial practice of oil pulling whenever and wherever it’s best for you.

We do this by putting our pulling oils in travel-friendly, single-use packaging, so you don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience.


Throughout the journey healthy lifestyles and the development of our oil pulling blends, we’ve boiled down our core values to a few simple words: create, promote, and inspire.

We are dedicated to creating 100% organic products to enhance and support overall health.
We want to use our voices and products to promote the simplicity and healing power of natural and holistic health practices.
Finally, we want to inspire you to live a life centered on well-being and cultivating daily habits that best serve your body and mind.


MASIGI is a combination of two Filipino (Tagalog) words: MAS which means “more” and IGI which means “goodness, wellness, harmony, excellence.” Together, Masigi means more goodness, more wellness, or more harmony - all things we know you’ll experience with a daily oil pulling practice using Masigi Pulling Oils.

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