Treating Yourself as a Whole Person: Ancient Techniques for Cancer Relief

From the moment that a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they're looking for that perfect combination of therapies in order to achieve remission. This ultimate goal is possible in many cases, but every individual responds differently to their treatments. People who are diagnosed with mesothelioma will often have advanced growths impacting their health. They need more than just radiation and chemotherapy. Learn how ancient techniques can be used to improve patients' prognoses today.

The Body Cannot be Isolated

For many years, scientists concentrated on only a few factors impacting patients and their cancer diagnoses, reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine. With so many experiments occurring over the years, they came to the realization that countless factors had to be at play as patients dealt with specific cancer symptoms.

They now know that the body cannot be divided and isolated into separate systems. Areas that may have been overlooked before, such as the oral cavity, have direct effects on cancer risk. With this fact in mind, both patients and doctors are looking toward whole-body treatments that go back as far as ancient times.

Trying Ancient Techniques

Ayurvedic medicine focuses on a person's entire body and mind when it comes to ailment treatment, states Cancer Research UK. Patients who take on Ayurveda techniques might turn to yoga for exercise, special diets during each meal and meditation throughout the day.

They stress herbal remedies above prescriptions and dangerous drugs. Because the treatment doesn't focus on just one body part, including the lungs, every body system improves on certain levels. Strong, cardiovascular systems lead to extra oxygen throughout the body, which contributes to tissue repair and regeneration.

Dealing With Modern Treatment's Side Effects

Patients who take on ancient techniques will typically have modern treatments as necessary. During chemotherapy, for instance, patients deal with side effects that include mouth sores. Patients need these sores to heal so that bad bacteria, such as streptococcus mutans, doesn't grow out of control. Minimizing these types of bacteria is a great way to combat tooth decay and bad breath. Coconut oil and other selections kill off bad bacteria while allowing the good microbes to grow and improve a patient's health.

Working Alongside Your Doctor

Always speak to the doctor when any technique is used alongside standard chemotherapy or radiation. Most professionals appreciate the proactive approach. They may even have suggestions for specific cases.

Doctors and Ayurveda professionals might choose particular oils for pulling. They suggest time frames and frequencies too. Patients who take on yoga or meditation complement their standard treatments because the body responds in a relaxed way. Stress in any of these situations is detrimental to cancer treatment.

Any cancer diagnosis is a serious part of life. Maintain a sense of optimism as patients explore oil pulling, Ayurveda techniques and other natural-healing solutions. Patients can strike a balance between these techniques and modern medicine in order to find a solution to their ailment. There's always hope when patients treat the entire body instead of just the disease.


Photo by Dominik Martin/Unsplash
Research and findings contributed by Virgil Anderson,
Consult your healthcare professional before adjusting your personal health routines.