The Ultimate Natural Health Travel Kit

Whether you’re traveling on a business trip or for pleasure, most of us can agree on loving the opportunity to see and explore new places, but the logistics of traveling can leave a lot to be desired.

Between packing, navigating security, keeping all your stuff organized and trying to dodge all the various germs in the airport, staying stress-free and healthy during traveling is a difficult feat.

To ease the stress and remain in mint condition, here’s everything you need when traveling to keep your health in check:

For general health

Magnesium - This is a supplement many people could stand to take even when they’re not traveling since many people have magnesium deficiencies. However, having a magnesium supplement can be especially useful while traveling as it can aid digestion, help ease anxiety, calm muscle aches and spasms, and help with sounder sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil - We know there are a lot of nervous travelers out there (raising hand high over here), so having lavender essential oil on hand is a must. Whether you need to release nervous tension, help to doze off, or headache relief, inhaling lavender is a quick, all-natural way to make your travels more pleasant.

Masigi Pulling Oil - Of course, we can’t go anywhere without our pulling oils! Also, a giant jar of coconut oil isn’t exactly convenient to lug around while traveling, not to mention sticky spoons are an excellent way to ruin everything in your bag. That’s why we like to keep our individual packets handy so we can pull during our travels, and even on the plane.

Water - Should go without saying, but even the best water drinkers need reminding to hydrate even more while traveling. Between dehydration from plane trips, running around and navigating and potentially being at a higher elevation than you’re used to, staying hydrated is paramount to staying healthy.

For freshening up

DIY Rose Water Face Mist - Although this isn’t a grab-and-go item for your natural health travel kit, we think you’ll love having it, even if it takes a little work to make. We prefer this recipe from A Beautiful Mess and simply pour it into a 3-ounce travel spray bottle so it’s approved for taking in our carry-ons. Not only is this a great way to wake you up and energize you after a long sitting spell, but you’ll love the fresh scent!

For nausea and tummy troubles

Anyone who has experienced a bout of tummy troubles while traveling knows how awful it is, so we always come prepared, but hope never to use these elements of our travel kit!

Activated Charcoal - By far the best thing for combating food poisoning or a stomach bug, activated charcoal helps absorbs toxins and chemicals in the digestive system to ease and make your sickness subside quicker.

Ginger - Ginger chews, crystallized ginger or ginger tea will all work well for relieving digestive troubles due to its anti-spasmodic and gas-relieving properties, which will help calm the gut. Also, ginger is a must for anyone who suffers from motion-induced nausea.

Peppermint Tea - Great for soothing an uneasy stomach, peppermint tea is also helpful to have on hand for stress and sinus relief, something that always seems to come together when traveling.

For keeping viruses and colds at bay

Colloidal Silver - This antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory supplement is the key to kicking a cold or sinus infection at the onset. Not only does it kill off harmful bacteria that contribute to the worsening of a cold, but colloidal silver won’t kill off the good bacteria your body needs for a strong immune system.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - If you are feeling a cold rear its ugly head with some sniffles and a scratchy throat, time to break out the eucalyptus. You can apply it to the skin to act as a vapor for congestion relief, or you can add several drops to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head and let the essential oil and steam go to work loosening everything up.

So there you have it, all the top essentials for a healthy trip that will ensure you’re energized, feeling great, and won’t need to take more time off after your travels for further recovery.

As always, consult with your physician before taking any additional supplements to make sure nothing interferes with your current health regimen.