Unless you’re an extreme health guru, chances are you could use a cleanse for something as it relates to your health.

Maybe you need a sugar detox after an indulgent vacation, or maybe you need to cleanse your gut so you can finally figure out the thing triggering a lingering health problem.

Whatever the reason, cleansing is a wonderful way to press the reset button on our bodies and allow our various systems to get back to the basics.

But sometimes a simple cleanse isn’t enough, here’s why you’ll want to be sure to incorporate oil pulling in your next cleanse.


Like we previously mentioned, unless you’re a huge health nut, many people’s bodies are in overdrive due to all the detrimental diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors we subject them to. It’s hard work for the body to stay in a state of homeostasis if we’re constantly fueling it with the wrong kinds of energy.

The purpose of cleansing is so that we can remove, heal and assess the effects of these various factors as we notice the changes that they make to our overall health.

Often times you’ll find that by cleansing your system of one particular factor, for example, sugar to help decrease afternoon crashes, you’ll also receive additional health benefits like fat loss and less headaches.

So, if you’re thinking a cleanse means something awful and painful, that’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re simply talking about being mindful of what we’re temporarily eliminating from our system in order to recover or gauge what should be permanently removed from our lifestyle.


At first, oil pulling seems like a tough way to detoxify the body. After all, how can you receive benefits to your whole body through a process that only takes place in your oral cavity?

Well, according to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the mouth is mapped out and corresponds to various systems of the body, but if you’re looking for a more modern times answer, much of the toxins and bacteria that enter our bodies start in the mouth, which is why detoxing through the gateway is so effective.

Since the soft tissue of the mouth is so absorptive, toxins can easily enter the bloodstream through the oral cavity, but the practice of oil pulling works to capture that bacteria (specifically using the molecular, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of coconut oil) before it passes through the mouth’s soft tissue.


As you’re embarking on a cleanse you might be disappointed that you’re not receiving the results you want or feeling the changes you thought would happen.

That’s because your issue could be stemming from compound factors, meaning while you may be addressing and cutting out a large portion of the issue, there’s still a contributing factor that’s having an effect on your body.

Remember that sugar example we used earlier? Too much sugar in the diet can lead to a slew of issues, so if you eliminate it to solve one problem it could end up aiding other issues you weren’t even aware you had!

Therefore, when you incorporate additional practices that have an overarching detoxing effect on the whole body, you can help accelerate and support your main cleansing efforts.

For example, if you’re trying to cleanse your pores you might try a mask with ingredients that draw out impurities, but before applying your mask you can do a steam to open up your pores.

This supporting action can assist in making the impurities more accessible for the mask’s ingredients to grab on to. And the same principle applies to oil pulling.

When you practice oil pulling, you’re adding extra power to the detoxifying process allowing your body to cleanse running on all cylinders.

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