Mindful, Moving Meditation

Meditation doesn’t always have to be still.

One can find stillness of the mind whilst moving about their daily life. Meditation teaches control over the breath as a tether to finding tranquility within.

Moving meditation, referred to as cyclic meditation in the scientific community, is a process of achieving a meditative physical state through movement rather than stillness as meditation is traditionally known for. Yoga is by far the most well-known form of cyclic meditation, with tens of millions of individuals globally moving within this ancient Indian practice.

Running, walking, dancing and even swishing might all be considered as methods to achieve a meditative state through movement. It’s as simple as letting go and observing the thoughts and sensations which well up, flow along the riverbank rather than riding along with them in the current.

Your Daily Pull

Moving meditation functions as a mechanism to achieve timelessness, boundlessness and a step away from our ego-experience through an awareness of internal and external physical sensations. This form of meditation is an approachable starting point for beginners who may find themselves frustrated or intimidated by the seemingly impossible goal of taking the time to slow their restless minds.

Through simply highlighting your focus on internal and external sensations, you may find yourself one step closing to slowing down the ever-flowing river of restless dialogue within. Oil pulling as a mechanism to achieve inner stillness is a simple method one may wish to consciously employ in their daily routines.

Begin by focusing on the rhythmic patterns your mouth is able to produce without conscious thought. Notice the strength of your tongue as it pulls the oil forwards and backwards in the space between your teeth. Bring awareness to the gentle pull your gums feel as the oil grazes by, quietly collecting toxins and debris. Focus on the strength of your teeth, enhanced by the [magnetic] attachment the coconut oil has to the impurities hidden within your unseen porous enamel.

Two Birds, One Stone

The benefits of meditation, specifically moving meditation, are undeniably beneficial to health and wellness. Studies on cyclic meditation have revealed this mental state, when practiced during the day, can actually increase your percentage of slow wave sleep in the following night. Cyclic meditation has also been found to reduce autonomic arousal and improve daily attention span.

In light of the slew of physiological and personal benefits cyclic meditation can bring to your daily life, it seems sound to incorporate mindful oil pulling into your daily routine.

Take time, even if only for five minutes, to bring about internal physical awareness while you oil pull. Not only will the method of swishing bring about impactful oral health benefits, mindful, moving meditation in the form of daily swishing may also have the capacity to improve mental health as well.

Consider employing a mindful perspective the next time you swish. Stillness is one step away.

Contributed by Johanna Ferebee.