How to Easily Incorporate Oil Pulling in to Your Daily Routine

So you’re interested in the practice and benefits of oil pulling and thinking, “Alright, this sounds awesome! But how do I do it?”

Well, the practice itself is easy, simply take your pulling oil (our blends come in single-use, one-portioned packets for easy pulling) and swish the oil around your mouth and consciously pull the oil through your teeth. Don’t swallow the oil and don’t spit it in the sink when you’re done.

See, pretty easy right? (If you still want more info on the “how” part of oil pulling, take a look here.

But even though the practice of oil pulling is easy, making it a habit in your daily routine takes a little more work. With that in mind, we wanted to give you our best tips for easily incorporating oil pulling in to your daily routine:

Start Slow

Hold on to your seat for a second because you might think we’re crazy, which we might be, but that’s not the point. The ideal amount of time for oil pulling is, wait for it, 20 minutes.

Still with us?

We know, we know, 20 minutes sounds like, and can definitely feel like, an eternity. But that’s only if you jump right out of the gate trying to pull for 20 minutes when you’ve never oil pulled before.

The key to making anything a habit is to start off small, commit to the easiest level first and then gradually increase to the next level. And that principle isn’t any different with oil pulling than it is with exercise.

To see the benefits of oil pulling you have to be consistent, so start off slow by pulling for five minutes. When five minutes feels like a breeze, bump up your time to 10 minutes.

Follow that practice and you’ll work your way up to 20 minutes.

Keep Yourself Busy

The other key to making those 20 minutes fly by? Keep yourself busy. Don’t just stand in the bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror. That’s a surefire way to get bored quickly.

We personally like to use our oil-pulling time as our non-negotiable quiet time (it also helps that you can’t talk when you’re oil pulling).

Whether you choose to read, check your emails, or do a quick clean of the house, 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to focus on and complete a task. Don’t believe us? Look up the Pomodoro time-management technique, which is built around breaking down work into 20-25 minute intervals to maximize focus and progress.

You also might find the best time for oil pulling is on your commute to work or after you’ve dropped off the kids at school and are making your way to yoga, which is yet another reason we created our oil pulling blends in easy-to-carry, single-use packets.

Find Your Routine

We know you’ve got a lot going on, and there’s no need to carve out an extra 20 minutes in your day just for oil pulling. That’s why the easiest and simplest way to make oil pulling a consistent practice is by incorporating those 20 minutes into a time frame that makes sense with your routine.

That may mean oil pulling right after you get up and are showering/doing your hair or makeup. Maybe it means pulling while you’re making breakfast and packing lunch for the day.

Let us note that although you can oil pull at any time of day, it’s best to practice oil pulling in the morning since that is when oral bacteria is most prevalent and will help with drawing out the most toxins from the oral cavity.

Keep Your Oil Handy

Not to turn back to the exercise example, but since oil pulling is a personal health practice, the two go hand in hand.

If you’ve ever read articles about how to make exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle, you’ve likely heard that it’s helpful to keep your workout clothes and a pair of sneakers on hand at all times.

Whether that means keeping a bag in your car or underneath your desk at work, having the materials you need readily available at a moment’s notice lowers the barrier for taking a newfound practice and making it a habit.

So take that idea and apply it to oil pulling by keeping your Masigi packets on hand in your purse, gym bag, and in the area of the house you spend the most time in so that as soon as you’re ready to oil pull, you have what you need within reach.

Those are just a few of our tried-and-true tips for easily incorporating oil pulling in to your daily routine, but as with any personal health practice, you have to find what works for you, and that’s only going to happen with trial and error.

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