Heard about Coconut Oil Pulling?

Keeping up with the latest trends in health and wellness can be tough, especially when you need to sort the fact from fiction and figure out if it’s really worth the hype. You may have heard about coconut oil pulling and we want to set the record straight. The fact is that it’s an easy and effective way to step up your self-care routine and improve your dental as well as overall health.

What can coconut oil pulling do for your dental hygiene?

There are lots of misconceptions about what oil pulling can and can’t do for your oral health. If you want the scientific facts, read on:

Eliminate the risk of Gingivitis

When your gums become inflamed, swollen and tender, you may be suffering from gingivitis. If you have any of these symptoms, you should take it seriously, as it can eventually lead to major oral problems like periodontitis.

Doing oil pulling regularly can help protect you from the potentially dangerous gum disease gingivitis. Oil pulling reduces plaque that causes gingivitis. While pulling, the oil acts like a magnet and attracts the harmful bacteria, pulling them out of your mouth. Oil pulling helps keep the teeth and gums clean from unwanted plaque buildup.

Re-mineralization of teeth

The natural re-mineralization process means that some tooth decay can be addressed without drilling a cavity. Your teeth are perfectly designed to repair themselves on an ongoing basis; but re-mineralization works better when the cavity-causing bacteria are not there.  

Coconut oil pulling can play a useful role in teeth re-mineralization.  Oil pulling balances the bacterial dysbiosis in the mouth. It reduces the bad bacteria which causes tooth decay while allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

Reduce cavity-causing bacteria

Overgrowth of specific harmful bacteria in your mouth can lead to cavities. It can take months for a cavity to form – the reason why coconut oil pulling should be used as a long term solution, not a quick fix. Coconut oil pulling mouthwash removes harmful bacteria that cause cavities without reducing the good bacteria your mouth needs to stay healthy.

Minimize oral thrush symptoms

When Candida yeast proliferates in mouth, it can result in an infection known as oral thrush. This condition is more often experienced by people:

  • With dentures
  • Undergoing radiation or chemotherapy
  • Using inhalers for asthma
  • Taking medications that alter the microbiome

Coconut oil has antifungal properties and when used as a mouthwash, helps to eliminate Candida living inside the mouth. It’s a cost-effective and easy way to reduce oral thrush symptoms.

Eliminate bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath, you can rely on a coconut oil pulling mouthwash to address it. It supports your saliva’s efforts in neutralizing harmful bacteria leaving the good bacteria, without drying out your mouth.

Final Thoughts

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