4 Ways To Make Your Drinking Water Safer / 4 Ways To Improve your Water Quality

It’s a modern marvel that man has harnessed the ability to purify and distribute moderately clean water on a massive scale to developed countries throughout the world. Areas lacking this infrastructure fail to provide fairly sanitized water to 2.4 billion people worldwide. In these areas, contaminated water by means of open defecation, untreated industrial waste and agricultural runoff is the primary cause for public health concern.

While installing infrastructure on a massive scale is of utmost importance for the improvement of human health on a global scale, communities with access to relatively safe drinking water may wish to make tangible steps to ensure their most vital life source is indeed, safe for consumption.

In part 1 of this series, we outlined a few of the most alarming contaminants found in “safe” drinking water in developed countries. Below, we offer tangible steps you can take in order to limit your daily intake of unnecessary toxins.

In the U.S., we are accustomed to diagnostic care over preventative healthcare. This essentially means we become mindful of our health when something goes wrong. A preventative approach focuses on improving internal and external health factors as a mindful lifestyle, before something may go wrong.

Filtration technology does require a financial investment, and when you are tight on funds, it may seem out of the question. A preventative approach to healthcare may invite you to consider water filtration as a health investment which may save you money and time down the line.

o Invest in home filtration. This can get pricey if you aim for the more advanced systems, but may be well worth it in the end. The more contaminants removed, the more you may end up shelling out.

o Pick up clean water from your local health store. Depending on your location, most populated areas have a health store with some type of purified water vending mechanism.

o Carry around your own filtered water. Yep, you can be that person. One liter glass bottles are sleek and safe containers you can count on as opposed to most plastics on the market.

o Install a shower filter at home. This will help ease your mind and body into knowing you are no longer absorbing chloroform through your largest organ. They are relatively inexpensive and you will immediately tell a difference in your skin, nails, and hair. If you shower in an unfiltered shower after trying out the purified way, you’ll be shocked at how normal the dry, irritated itchiness used to feel.

It’s easy to allow this information to alarm you, or even infuriate you towards power structures who may seem complacent about such vital public health measures. Before allowing anger or fear to take hold of your precious home, take a deep breath and find a moment to practice gratefulness that you may have access to water and information that can empower you to live a cleaner, more vital life.

The best thing individuals can do in light of becoming aware of disheartening information is to take simple protective measures. Ensure your body is exposed to as little unnecessary chemical contaminants as possible.

Our bodies are miraculous systems, specifically designed to filter toxicity. Trust that your body is strong and capable of cleansing itself from within. In order for our bodies to maintain homeostasis, your cells remain hard at work. Drinking purified water is one way to give those cells a break and allow them to filter through other areas of the body they haven’t been able to give their energy to.

Research and findings contributed by Johanna Ferebee. Consult your healthcare professional before adjusting your personal health routines.